Side Hustle:

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Streams of income, we know that is a wave. Not only can it support your guilty pleasures, but it gives you a cushion because life happens. Being a new homeowner, having a side hustle gives me some additional financial flexibility especially in a big city like Chicago. Side Hustles also are an amazing way to save money either for retirement, that handbag you’ve been eyeing, or that vacation with your boo thang. Instead of charging these items to your credit card and drowning yourself in debt, you can pay for these items upfront.

Speaking of debt, side hustles are amazing ways of digging yourself out of debt whether it’s student loans or a mortgage you cannot go wrong with a side hustle. My side hustles included becoming a brand ambassador, landing PR consultant contracts, working on political campaigns, and freelance writing. Thanks to my financial accountability partner (dear friend) Aja who helped me strategize on how to monetize my skills, how to budget, how to separate my money, and introduced me to financial resources and experts like Dave Ramsey. Aja is a highly sought after financial speaker and popular financial blogger whose claim to fame was paying off $100K of debt, check out her blog Principles of Increase.

After working with Aja for nearly a year and following her training, I was able to save up, pay off my car, create two saving accounts, increase my credit score, and buy my first home at 35 years young!

Homeownership was the hardest decision and process yet the best investment in myself.
Me at the closing table and I’m happy to be a new homeowner as well as stunned!
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The Minimalist.

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The Minimalist.

We all know that our home, the earth, is in trouble due to climate change. However, there are a few ways that we can help. One of these ways is living a minimalist lifestyle or finding ways to cut back. One path that is easy for some, but more difficult for others is to adopt a minimalist fashion sense. Minimalist fashion does not mean you can’t be chic. Wasn’t it Coco Chanel the one who said: “take off something before you leave the house”. The old adage of less is more is true and especially in fashion. Not only will you be chic, but you will be saving tons of money. I save money and stay true to my minimalist fashion by renting clothes through NYC Closet. I use to buy clothes for every situation and every occasion, but renting clothes has given me more access to clothes while helping the environment and saving money. If you want to try out the New York & Company newest fashions designed by celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Eve Mendes, or Kate Hudson, click this code Rashanah207 to receive $10 off your first month’s subscription, and best of all you get unlimited returns, free shipping, free dry cleaning, keep the clothes as long as you want, and 3 outfits sent monthly for $49.95 a month. Check out some of my favorite looks below directly from my NYC Closet.

You will thank me later and notice an increase in savings!

Cliquish Brunch & Showcast Launch
Cliquish Brunch & Showcast Launch.
Happy Birthday (12/19/19) to me! Dinner at TAO Chicago
Links Green & White Renaissance Gala.
(I was Summer Time Fine 2019! )
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