Side Hustle:

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Streams of income, we know that is a wave. Not only can it support your guilty pleasures, but it gives you a cushion because life happens. Being a new homeowner, having a side hustle gives me some additional financial flexibility especially in a big city like Chicago. Side Hustles also are an amazing way to save money either for retirement, that handbag you’ve been eyeing, or that vacation with your boo thang. Instead of charging these items to your credit card and drowning yourself in debt, you can pay for these items upfront.

Speaking of debt, side hustles are amazing ways of digging yourself out of debt whether it’s student loans or a mortgage you cannot go wrong with a side hustle. My side hustles included becoming a brand ambassador, landing PR consultant contracts, working on political campaigns, and freelance writing. Thanks to my financial accountability partner (dear friend) Aja who helped me strategize on how to monetize my skills, how to budget, how to separate my money, and introduced me to financial resources and experts like Dave Ramsey. Aja is a highly sought after financial speaker and popular financial blogger whose claim to fame was paying off $100K of debt, check out her blog Principles of Increase.

After working with Aja for nearly a year and following her training, I was able to save up, pay off my car, create two saving accounts, increase my credit score, and buy my first home at 35 years young!

Homeownership was the hardest decision and process yet the best investment in myself.
Me at the closing table and I’m happy to be a new homeowner as well as stunned!
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New Year, New You Smoothie.

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During the holidays we tend to overload our systems with junk, dessert and other holiday foods that are just no good to the digestive system. Instead of making unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions on weight loss, start off with a nice digestive smoothie to rid yourself of the toxins you overloaded on and help break down the food that often stays in your system for days.
A Yummers Vegan Digestive Smoothie
1tblsp -Agave
1tblsp -Bentonite
1/4 cup of Aloe Vera Juice
2 pinches of Cinnamon
1 cup of orange juice
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Hassle-Free Facial Treatment.

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What do you do to remove a great “beat face” full of make-up? Do just wash it off and call it a night? Any aftercare?

See the face below? This was an NYE’s beat face by a professional make-up artist and a simple wash wasn’t getting this make-up off. There are many expensive make-up removers, gels, and other harsh chemicals.


I use an oil-free facial cleanser which is the actual store brand by CVS Pharmacy. It does the trick of the actual brand by Neutrogena. It’s oil-free, doesn’t dry out my face or leave it oily, it’s soft and very smooth.


After that, I applied a little bit of Witch Hazel on a cotton ball and did a quick wipe down of my face to help shrink my pores from leftover makeup. Witch Hazel is a good astringent that helps with acne breakouts without drying out the face plus it’s a good disinfectant.


Next, I applied a quarter size amount of facial moisturizer just to lock in moisture during this cold winter we are experiencing here in the midwest. Although it said for “dry skin” for added protection I made sure to get this particular one because of the brutal winter that can easily dry out your face. A cracked and dry face is never cute :-)).


A few days later I used the Mint Julep Masque which helps reduce those forever expanding pores, to get rid of blackheads and to reduce pimples.


I absolutely love these products! They are affordable, they are no-name brands, they get the job done as easily as any expensive facial product or professional facial treatment.

All of these products came from CVS Pharmacy and I’ve used them for years.


Xoxo Lovelies,

Shanah B

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Get Booted!

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The Winter is here! The Winter is here! Don’t get caught up in these streets “lacking” without the proper protective foot attire.

Winter can be brutal leaving your foot wet, soggy and cold. Choosing the right boot for the winter shouldn’t be a hassle and shouldn’t cost a fortune! My favorite water proof boot of all time is the classic tall boot by Hunter. Below are some of UGE’s favorite winter boots that we wear.  Most boots are under $200 and can be found even cheaper at Nordstrom Rack. Click below on the boots for more details.


Hunter Boots


Sorel Boots


North Face Boots


Shanah B

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Coffee Lover

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Coffee Lover

But first, Coffee. It’s a phrase donned on t-shirts and coffee mugs. A lot of us depend on coffee to get us through the day and it’s no surprise that I am not the exception, rather the rule. However lately I’ve been reaching for organic coffee. The flavor is superb and rich and a healthier alternative and it keeps me super productive throughout the day. Lately, I’ve been drinking Chicago French Press which is roasted right here in the city of Chicago. Their coffee is premium and organic and they have several different grind options and blends to satisfy any coffee lovers’ demand. Luckily for you readers, I am a brand ambassador for Chicago French Press Coffee and you can use my discount code >>RBaldwinCFPBA to receive 15% off <<<<<.

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