Choosing the Right Boot!

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The Winter is here! The Winter is here! Don’t get caught up in these streets “lacking” without the proper protective foot attire.

Winter can be brutal leaving your foot wet, soggy and cold. Choosing the right boot for the winter shouldn’t be a hassle and shouldn’t cost a fortune! My favorite water proof boot of all time is the classic tall boot by Hunter. Below are some of UGE’s favorite winter boots that we wear.  Most boots are under $200 and can be found even cheaper at Sports Authority  and Shopbop. Click below on the boots for more details.


Hunter Boots


Sorel Boots


North Face Boots



Shanah B

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Saving Face in 2015!

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Happy Happy New Years! I Can’t believe it’s 2015 but it’s here lovelies! I declare 2015 will be the “Boldest New Year Ever”!

I recently was cleaning out my makeup box and came across some of my favorite drug store daily facial products.

I’ll admit, I had an AMAZING NYE and my makeup was flawless and professionally done by  Fashion Fair t making sure this “Urban Girl” brought in this new year looking red carpet ready! Click Click!

After what seem like hours of endless fun, I headed home and was able to gain enough energy to wipe off my beatface with a makeup wipe before crashing.


The next morning I used an oil free facial cleanser which is the actual store brand by CVS Pharmacy. It does the trick of the actual brand by Neutrogena. It’s oil free, doesn’t dry out my face or leave it oily, it’s soft and very smooth.

After that, I applied a little bit of Witch Hazel on a cotton ball and did a quick wipe down of my face to help shrink my pores from leftover makeup. Witch Hazel is a good astringent that helps with acne breakouts without drying out the face plus it’s a good disinfectant.

Next, I applied a quarter size amount of facial moisturizer just to lock in moisture during this cold winter we are experiencing here in the midwest. Although it said for “dry skin” for added protection I made sure to get this particular one because of the brutal winter that can easily dry out your face. A cracked and dry face is never cute :-)).

A few days later I used the Mint Julep Masque which helps reduce those forever expanding pores, to get rid of black heads and to reduce pimples.

I absolutely love these products! They are affordable, they are non-name brands, they get the job done as easily as any expensive facial product or professional facial treatment.

All of these products came from CVS Pharmacy and I’ve used them for years.


Xoxo Lovelies,

Shanah B

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Loving Our Natural Hair

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Good hair comes in all forms; straight, curly, kinky, coily or locks and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! This past Saturday February 15th, the 2nd Annual ‘Loving Our Natural Hair’ Curl Clinic took place in the heart of  Englewood.


Gals from around Chicago gathered at the curl clinic and learned about proper hair regimen, different hair patterns and much more.

This urban gal me (Shanah B) who’s used to just doing whatever to my my hair, I learned sooooooo much! This included the realities of eating better to maintain healthy hair, protecting my hair in the winter months when breakage occurs most and what to look for in products that I use on my hair.

Nia B and Tanisha Lee, Style Experts discussed: Maintenance for Healthy Hair, Transitioning, Styling Techniques, Product-Ingredient Selection and Hair-Care tips for children.

Did you know your conditioner should contain water? Good old H2O. Or that it’s most important to put your moisturizer on the ends of your hair? Or that your hair is most vulnerable in the winter? A good diet is key to healthy skin and hair.

This is the good information you learn in #Englewood at the “Loving Our Natural Hair” Curl Clinic.

It’s good to set your hair in natural styles like twist outs or protective hair styles to prevent damage to the hair in the winter and from over styling your hair.

The biggest take away from this Curl Clinic for includes:

1. WATER: Drink plenty of water, make sure your moisturizer contains water and rinse with other types of water. Ex. Carbonated water rinse because it helps eliminates frizz. Carbonated or sparkling water reduces frizz  because of it’s low pH level.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Do you want shiny and frizz-free hair? Rinse your natural hair after it’s normal wash with equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar. (not intended for permed hair)

3. Homemade Conditioner: Half of avocado with a cup of  mayonnaise  make into a paste. Apply to hair for 20 minutes with plastic cap over hair. Rinse out afterward. This helps with dry and frizzy hair.


Cee and Shanah B.

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